Dear BHOP Community,

The Avon BHOP Coordinating Center at CAI (Cicatelli Associates Inc.) is delighted to share with you some recent and notable activities of our Grantees and the BHOP Coordinating Center as we continue to improve what we do and how we report it. We are very proud of our BHOP Grantees and the important service they provide to the underserved women in their communities. Please take a few minutes to check out our stories. Never hesitate to contact your project officer if you have questions or need assistance.

As summer winds down, we wish you all a safe and happy fall,
The BHOP Coordinating Center


We are so proud of every BHOP Grantee that we like to share success stories. Each month we feature a different BHOP Grantee on the website. In this publication, the featured BHOP Grantee is The YWCA of Greater Lafayette in Lafayette, IN. The YWCA of Greater Lafayette is sharing a story about how the vigilance and persistence of a nurse can truly impact a client. Please click here to read more.

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The Avon Foundation Breast Health Outreach Program recently released its Request for Proposals for 2016 funding and the deadline for applications is now closed. Notification of awards will be December 1, 2015. For more information, please go to and click on the Funding tab. To sign up for future notices of available funding opportunities, please go to  and register.


The Avon BHOP Coordinating Center conducted a satisfaction survey with all 52 of the 2015 Avon BHOP grantees and received a 94% return rate. The majority of respondents stated they were very satisfied with the support provided by the Avon BHOP Coordinating Center and the operation of the project. Here is a brief summary of some key communication measures:

For the complete report as well as what steps we have taken to address your suggestions, please click here.


In our continuous effort to more clearly demonstrate the significant impact of BHOP on its communities, the Avon BHOP Coordinating Center implemented collection of new data elements in 2015. These new data elements are intended to provide a better picture of the range of services provided by BHOP Grantees and the importance of early detection and treatment. The new Quarterly Data Report elements/categories include:
• Patient Navigation Services
• Stage of Breast Cancer at Diagnosis
• Linkages to Care: Time to Diagnosis and Treatment

After piloting the use of iPads for data collection in BHOP agencies and finding it to be a very useful tool, we purchased additional iPads in 2015 and now 60 iPads are being used by 42 BHOP Grantees. Specifically, the iPads are being used to collect the information on our Client Intake Forms (CIFs) which is a two-page demographic and socio-economic profile of each client. The CIF data is uploaded on a continuous basis and exported to CAI for analysis and reporting purposes. A few BHOP Grantees are able to submit their CIF data using electronic reporting of line-listed data, which requires that the CIF questions be incorporated into their Electronic Medical Records. In the future, the BHOP Coordinating Center will be implementing increased used of cloud technology for data entry and reporting.


Inspiring Initiatives 

Barbells for Boobs is a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization dedicated to the early detection of breast cancer, with an emphasis on women under the age of 40 and men. Barbells for Boobs (B4B) originated in the cross-fit community. When several of its young members were diagnosed with breast cancer, the community took action to raise funds for the cause. For the past couple years, B4B has financially supported BHOP Grantees in their priority areas. Below is the listing of the current B4B-supported BHOP agencies:
- YWCA Miami/Dade (Miami, FL)
- YWCA Malden (Malden, MA)
- St. Michael's Medical Center (Newark, NJ)
- Rural Health Group (Roanoke Rapids, NC)
- Asian American Health Council/Hope Clinic (Houston TX)
- YWCA Lubbock (Lubbock, TX)

For more information about Barbells for Boobs and to check out its social media presence, click here. Please share and get the word out!


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This summer we visited nine BHOP Grantees, including three first-time visits. The Avon BHOP Coordinating Center makes every attempt to visit BHOP Grantees at least once every five years. The BHOP Grantees visited this summer were:

Mammography Voucher Program – St. Petersburg, FL
YWCA of Miami – Miami, FL
West Virginia Health Right – Charleston, WV
Rural Health Group – Henderson, NC
Family Services of Coffee County – Enterprise, AL
Charles B. Wang Community Health Center – New York, NY
Project Renewal – New York, NY
Latino Community Development Agency - Oklahoma City, OK
YWCA of Lubbock – Lubbock, TX

Meeting with BHOP Grantees at their locations is very important to us as each Grantee is different and has its own unique successes and challenges. We love visiting and seeing BHOP Grantees in action. You make us proud! For more information about these wonderful agencies, please click here.


 Banner Implementing the changes august 2015

In response to your suggestions we have made some changes to our website to make accessing information easier, clearer and timelier. These changes include: 
Webinars – 
•Adding a description of the topic and learning objectives with every registration link. This will give attendees a clearer picture of the upcoming presentation.  We encourage you to sample topics because they may surprise you 
•Posting the most recent webinar and any materials within a week of the presentation
•Sending a reminder to all BHOP grantees when the most recent webinar has been posted to our website
•Moving archived and recent webinars to the resource tab on the website so that ANYONE has access to view the webinars without the need for a login
•Adding more information about rural outreach and limited English or literacy education as webinar topics in 2016
Data reporting -
•Posting an example of a correctly-completed Quarterly Data Report Form report on our website
•Adding a Virtual Discussion option
•Establishing a resource exchange site which would allow grantees to post and share information for other BHOP grantees